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Motor Bikes for Makoni Councillors


Samuel Kadungure

MAKONI Rural District Council has become the second local authority in the province to buy motorbikes for its councillors with a view to enhance their mobility, visibility and capacity to coordinate developmental programmes in their wards. Makoni RDC has 39 wards, but only 32 councillors benefited, amid revelations that some turned down the offer for financial reasons. The facility was modelled around the Parliament of Zimbabwe vehicle scheme, and made possible through a loan facility and beneficiaries have a certain amount deducted from their monthly allowances towards its repayment. Councillors will assume full ownership of the motorbikes upon full repayment which expected to coincide with the expiry of their terms in 2018.Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Cde Mandi Chimene, officially handed over the motorbikes to the councillors at Makoni RDC head offices in Rusape last Friday. "Mutasa RDC was the first, and I am happy that Makoni, which is where I come from, has implemented this resolution which I understand was agreed and adopted by all RDCs in the province.

I want to implore the other five RDCs to implement this resolution and ensure that their councillors are well resourced. "You can't expect councillors to serve their wards to the satisfaction of their constituents without addressing the issue of mobility. Some of the wards in Makoni have a radius of 48km which is too big to traverse, more so at this juncture when the road infrastructure is stressed due to the incessant rains," said Cde Chimene. Cde Chimene implored the councillors to put the motorbikes to good use. "The bikes remain council property until the last instalment and I challenge you (councillors) use them to facilitate wards meetings, assess progress on implementation of various development programmes, and other needs that require to be addressed. They are not for joyriding or electioneering. "As councillors, you are agents of development on behalf of Government and you should convince and organise your communities to take lead in the rehabilitation of damaged road infrastructure instead of waiting for Government to initiate.

Government should come in to compliment your efforts and meet you half way. We need communities to assume ownership of various developmental programmes in their wards. The roads and bridges that were destroyed by rains should be repaired throughout the province," said Cde Chimene. Makoni RDC chief executive officer, Mr Edward Pise, described the facility as a milestone development in the history of his council. He expressed optimism that councillors would now be able to traverse all corners of their wards without challenges. "We believe as they receive these motorbikes they will be able to reach all corners of their wards. Some of the wards are too big and the coordination of programmes was a big challenge. This facility will enhance their mobility, visibility and coordination of developmental programmes in all wards," said Mr Pise. Mr Pise said maintenance and fuelling costs will be borne by the councillors, while council retains the insurance component.

These bikes have a fuel consumption capacity of 25km per litre. Makoni RDC chairperson, Cde David Mutasa, said 32 councillors out of 39 benefited."This was the choice of a councillor. We did not force everyone, but merely availed a facility through lease financing that some councillors rejected for their own financial reasons. The next council is expected to roll out the facility on assumption of office so that the repayment can be spread throughout 2018 to 2023, that way it will get buy in from all because it won't strain the councillors' pockets," said Cde Mutasa..



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