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About Makoni Rural District Council

Makoni Rural District Council is a local authority established in terms of RDC Act 29:13 in July 1993.  It covers an area of 8200 square kilometers with a total population of 244 000.  It has 5 constituencies divided into 39 wards headed by 5 traditional chiefs. It is the entry point from Mashonaland East Province to Manicaland Province.  Makoni district benefits economically from mining, agriculture (tobacco and livestock) and tourism.

It is the biggest district within the 7 districts and has the largest resettlement schemes with all the natural agricultural regions. Makoni District which surrounds Rusape Town Council is a gateway to the eastern highlands.

Fact file
Country Zimbabwe
Province/Region  Manicaland
Population  272,340
Number of women councillors  4
Number of men councillors  34



The leading Local Authority in the provision of services and a conducive environment for investment by 2017.


To provide efficient and effective service delivery systems in the form of sustained development in health, education, infrastructure, agriculture, environment, industry and commerce to meet the aspirations of our people in the district of Makoni.


Service delivery derived from the constitution of Zimbabwe amendment (No. 20) of 2013, RDC Act 29:13 and other related legislation.


  1. Provision of portable water
  2. Provision of roads and bridges
  3. Provision of stands and off-site services
  4. Provision of coordinated and orderly spartial development
  5. Promote an efficient and effective ambulance and rescue operating system
  6. Administer income generating activities (Maungwe Investments Pvt Ltd)


  1. Impartiality
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Effectiveness and Efficiency
  4. Integrity
  5. Accountability


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